Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Our Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Our Answers
Here are a list of frequently asked questions asked by bodyshop owners and employees that have been compiled by our support team.
These are questions that the AutoFlow sales and support teams are asked on a regular basis. The advanced features and capabilities of 4:G go beyond the scope of any sales literature, such is their power and flexibility. For a demonstration of what the 4:G system could do for your bodyshop, please contact the office on 01625 860 545. Our demonstrations can be at your bodyshop, or over the Internet. We can also arrange for you to see the system in action at one of our customer sites.
What is AutoFlow 4:G ?
4:G is a fully integrated bodyshop management system. It will track and control jobs throughout the entire repair process, helping you to monitor your work processes, and pinpoint where you can increase your profits.
How will 4:G increase my profits?
A comprehensive suite of analysis reports and tools allow you to target each area of your business to see where savings can be made.
How are workshop times captured?
The workshop times are captured via PCs running the 4:G workshop loading program or the WorkM8 app on mobile tablets. This allows your workshop staff to clock on and off tasks on jobs, and also allows you to send messages to them via the workshop loading program. For example, if you wished to instruct a technician to check for extra damage on a particular job, they would see this message when they clocked onto the specified job and task on the loading screen. Using the WorkM8 App they can then add additional images to the job for review. Accurate time capture from your workshop staff will allow you to monitor how they are performing through reports on efficiency, productivity, and utilisation (capacity planning).
Can 4:G import estimates?
Estimate importing is available for all the major estimating systems. This reduces estimate production times allowing your estimators to concentrate on getting your bodyshop the most possible profit out of every job.
Parts control has been a major problem for me, how will 4:G help this?
There is an extensive suite of reports that allows you to view the current status of your parts and the performance of your suppliers. The parts status of each job is viewable from anywhere in the system via the Job Viewer program. The status is also highlighted on the workshop control module to help make important decisions on when a job should be started, and forecasting when it can be completed by. There are also returns procedures that highlight when credits haven’t been received, and when parts are overdue, to name just a few of the parts control features that 4:G will bring to you.
I've heard about 4:G's workshop controller, what will this add to my bodyshop?
The Workshop Controller module provides you with an unrivalled way to view jobs and events on the workshop as and when they occur. This module will give your bodyshop manager a visual tool to instantly see:

  • When a job was last worked on
  • Who is working on which task
  • How long employees have been on a task
  • How long tasks have left
  • Parts status on each job
  • Visual indicators showing employees that are nearing or are over their allocated times.

This module is also available on tablets, allowing the workshop controller to change expected completion dates as they do their walk ’round in the workshop, without the need for them to return to their PC. This helps ensure the system has the most accurate expected completion dates possible, which is invaluable when managing your courtesy cars and informing customers of a job’s progress.

At the moment our accountant has to reproduce invoices on our accounts system, we would like to export both sales and purchase invoices from 4:G , is this possible?
4:G exports to Sage line 50, Sage line 100, Pegasus Opera I, Pegasus Opera II, All in One and Platinum. If you have a different accounts system please contact the office to find out if an export link is possible.
How long does it take to install the system?
Installation time varies from site to site but our experienced team of installation engineers endeavour to complete the install within the shortest time possible. This will normally be done in the week prior to your training and will be done with minimal disruption to your staff and current systems.
How long will it take to train my staff?
With 4:G’s modern style and user friendly design, users tend to pick up the basics within the first few days of using the system. Our training team will be on site during the initial stages of training offering hands on help and advice as this is an essential part of the process. After the initial training phase, our experienced staff can link up to your systems via the Internet to help your staff with any arising issues on their own PCs.
How does 4:G compare with other systems on the market?
4:G is the most comprehensive, powerful and easy to use system on the market in our opinion, but don’t ask us, ask our customers. 4:G is a customer-focused product, and we have regular user group meetings and a user group forum where our customers review best practices and decide what will go into future developments. This unique and customer-driven process ensures that we keep our customers happy, and involved with the development of 4:G whilst ensuring the system is designed to cope with the ever-changing demands of the auto repair industry.
Will it be possible to see the system in action at another site?
If you so wished you are welcome to both talk to our users and a local site visit can be arranged.
How much will it cost me?
4:G is a modular system so there are different pricing options to suit various budgets. For a full run down of costs, call our sales line on 01625 860 545.

To arrange for an onsite or online demonstration of any of our products, or to discuss potential new projects with our team please contact the office on 01625 860545. You can also email us through our contact page.

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