4:G comes with a fully automated online service. If you wish, your customers will be able to enter their vehicle registration either via your own website, or AutoFlow's, and be able to view the progress of their car through the bodyshop.

This has proven to reduce amount of incoming calls to your reception from both customers and work providers, whilst at the same time giving your customers a more informed and professional service. Along with the customer service, there is also a network management service, which allows work providers to view the progress of their jobs in your bodyshop online.

Emails and SMS messaging

You can send automated or manual updates in the form of email and SMS messaging to your customers, work providers and engineers direct from the system. All communications done this way are recorded in the audit history of the job the communications relate to.

Internal Mail

4:G comes with its own internal mail system. This gives staff the opportunity to mail important information to each other regarding the progress of a vehicle's repair. All mail can be attached to the job, and is recorded and shown in the job's history. The mail system also provides staff with their own personal to do list where they can set themselves and others reminders of tasks that need to be achieved..

Online tracking
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