The importing of estimates is available from all the leading estimating systems (Audatex, GlassMatix, Interest, CHECKmate, GT Motive).

Apart from the obvious time saving that not having to enter the estimate on two systems gives you, this also allows you to produce 4:G formatted estimates for your customers with customer headers and footers.

You will also be able to create your own estimates on the system, either from scratch, or from predefined templates designed by yourself for such things as services or MOT's, for example.

The new rules-based importing system allows you to specify how an estimate is imported and allocated to different invoice codes automatically, thus allowing you to create your own intelligent importing system, saving you time and ensuring that all parts of the estimate get invoiced correctly.

Apply phrase-based rules to your estimates as they are imported, allowing you to automatically change text that your workshop staff may find confusing.

Estimate matching features allow you to import the estimate at any stage of the process, highlighting changes that may have been made (supplementary items, price changes in Audatex etc) and allowing you to decide which changes to keep or overwrite at the time of import.

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