Setting industry benchmarks, 4:G excels in the Bodyshop environment with its ease of use and the ability to be configured to satisfy a bodyshop's exact needs and requirements.

It's ground-breaking business and KPI controls combine to bring you a wealth of management information at the click of a button or you can get the system to deliver data to your inbox via the scheduled reporting facility.

With the concept being born in an actual Bodyshop 20 years ago the 4G system has evolved to provide a comprehensive process management tool for the bodyshops and defleet centres. 4:G incorporates built-in flexibility that accommodates a bodyshop's need for individual configurability on a company and or user level.


  • Improved key-to-key cycle time
  • Safe, secure data
  • Easy to use interface
  • Utilised courtesy cars
  • Generate more work
  • Improve levels of customer satisfaction through better communication
  • Empowered staff
  • Connected suppliers and industry partners
  • Data protection compliance
  • Extensive suite of customer facing and management reports
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